Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everett starts to take shape

Everett & Haverhill photos 10210/29/2011 -
final surfacing of the Everett portion of "Bike to the Sea".

Monday, October 24, 2011


Welcome to the website of The Lynn Greenway.  Join others in building safe walking and biking trails as alternative transportation routes through the City of Lynn, Massachusetts.

The first proposal is for a trail in West Lynn, converting abandoned MBTA railroad tracks.   Here you will find information about the trails in Lynn and those in surrounding communities, known as the Northern Strand Community Trail.  We hope this website serves as a community open forum, sharing news, meeting announcements, ideas, concerns, and solutions.

Our first steps involve research and collecting data; finding the problems and then arriving to a solution with community input, but most importantly needing an official sign off on the conversion to begin the grant process.  The trail has already begun at the belt-way of Boston, along the Malden River in Everett and is proposed to end at the waterfront in Lynn.

There are ongoing negotiations between State and Local Lynn Officials, the Community, Bike to the Sea members and the MBTA.   Malden has begun clearing their segment of the trail way, with the 'Iron Horse' organization assisting with removing the railroad tracks and covering the area with compact stone dust for free.

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Visit and for more information on the rail trail conversions happening across the North Shore and New England.